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“I think, maybe, I’ve never wanted this to change. Everything… everything changes. Everything changes. But this still hasn’t. Not for me, hasn’t lessened. I saw you this morning, and… in the middle of most nights, when I can’t sleep, I still replay you.”
Last Night, 2010

Is he the love of your life or are you merely in love with the idea of what that love could be? How do you find out when you have something to lose - Is it worth the risk? 

One moment changes everything

“Are you OK?”

The words rang silent as Lucy stared into the small hand mirror the nurse had given her a few moments ago. Nothing mattered anymore.

This isn’t me, she thought it isn’t.

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I have you. {Prologue}

"This is it", I said and turned to look at the girl standing next to me.

"I guess it is".

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